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Summer Term - 22nd May 2015


Our trip to the Look Out Centre in Bracknell was a great, albeit soggy, way to start our week! While we were there, we were focussing on finding out more about invertebrates, but we also spent some time in the science area which covered many different aspects of our curriculum. We enjoyed a short session called “Bugs and Beasties” and one of us even had to dress up as an ant! Here are some of the facts that we found out:


An insect’s body is divided into three parts: head, thorax and abdomen

If we could jump as powerfully as a cricket, we would be able to jump over a house!

A harvestman is a special kind of spider that has just one part to its body. If it is being attacked by a predator, one of its legs will drop off so that it can run away having distracted the creature in question!

A ladybird squirts liquid from its knees to put predators off.

Stink bugs can be different colours depending on what their habitat is and the colour that they need to be to camouflage.


Here are some photographs of us enjoying our trip:

Finally, as promised, here are some photographs of us pond dipping last Monday.

Finally, we hope that you enjoy the half term break and that you come back to school well-rested and ready to learn lots in your final term in Year 3!