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Summer Term 2015

What a busy start to the Summer Term. The Easter holidays seem a distant memory!

Maple Class are enjoying our ‘Animals’ themed curriculum. 


In English we watched an animation called ‘A Slippery Tale’. We discussed the story in  detail and how it developed; recognising patterns in this story that they have seen in others.  

Hopefully you will have read the note home about next week’s ‘Show & Tell’.  We are really looking forward to finding out, what the children have learned through their research.  We have told the children that they are not allowed to bring wild animals in to school as part of their presentation; lions, snakes, zebras, monkeys and giraffes would get past our risk assessment!


This week we have researched and written about pets. After being introduced to Non-Fiction books and their features, the children created their own Non-Fiction books all about pets.

Enjoy reading Non-Fiction with your child. You can use the discussion prompts below to support your ‘book talk’.


What is on the cover of the book? What does this tell you about the contents inside?

What kind of things would you expect to see in this book?

What is the book about? What is the title? Who is the author?

Find something that interests you from the text? Explain why you chose that particular part.

Where would you look to find out the meaning of technical words?

What is the index page? What is the contents page? How are they organised?


After reading Mr Pepper’s Perfect Pet Shop the children thought about what their perfect pet shop would look like and what animals they would sell. They produced posters advertising their animals, using adjectives to describe the animals.


The whole class then went on to create a ‘Class Poem’. All children contributed. I think you will agree, it is a fantastic piece of shared writing.

In Maple’s marvellous pet shop

Jumping giraffes juggle jelly,

Crazy cats climb with their claws,

And greedy guinea-pigs gobble grapes.


In Maple’s marvellous pet shop

Happy hamsters hug hippos,

Dancing dolphins drink in delight,

And mad monkeys do magic!


In Maple’s marvellous pet shop

Slimy snakes slither in the swimming pool,

Digging dogs dig for dinosaurs,

And popping parrots pop popcorn!


By Maple Class

In maths we have focused on number work, concentrating on our number bonds to 10 and 20 and counting in 2s, 5s & 10s. We have looked at a number of strategies to aid mental addition and subtraction including ‘spotting’ those number bonds and doubles.


3+6+3 =               or                 6+7+4 =


Please check the Abacus/Active Learn website. Your child’s account will be regularly updated with new activities. If you have any issues with logging on or don’t have access to the internet at home, then please let us know.