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Summer Term 2015 (1)

Here are some photos to show you some of the activities we have been doing during term 5 and 6.


During maths week we had a man come in with a great variety of exciting puzzles for us to solve. We worked in small groups and were all very determined to solve every puzzle.

Next we had mums into to school, as we were learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ and the fire started in a baker’s shop we decided to make buns and decorate them. It was great to have the mums there to help us.

Just recently we had Mrs Mort and some parent helpers to come in and teach us how to make butterflies from clay. We had to really concentrate to make our patterns symmetrical.

Our Science topic this term is Plants.

We put polystyrene in the bottom of a pot to help with drainage, then we put soil in the pot and made a hole for our seed. We popped our sunflower seed into the hole and covered it with

soil and then put it in the sunlight and gave it some water to drink. We are hoping that they will have grown over half term.


Bye for now from Cherry Class.