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Summer Term 2015 (1)

Here be Dragons!


Our topic on dragons is well under way and we are fast becoming experts on all things ‘dragony’!  Today, by amazing coincidence, Dr Karla Green from the Special Services Department of the Natural History Museum was in school.  Some unusual sightings have been made by local residents here in Windsor and she came, on her way back from a visit to Peru, to make observations. 


Dr Green was very impressed with our knowledge and enthusiasm and allowed us to help her look for evidence on the school grounds!  Rather excitingly, she also showed us something very special – but we can’t tell you what it was as it’s a secret! (Between you and us, it was very small and round, but with a gentle glow….shhhhh!)


Today, as a special favour to Dr Green, we are helping her to complete her article which she accidently splashed with ink so we are practising our use of impressive language by choosing words very carefully, as well as building our language of dragons.  Did you know that the end of a dragon’s tail is called a spade?