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Summer Term (2)

We have had great fun this week with the team from Metro Bank. On Monday, we had our last session in school where we learned all about budgeting. Then on Tuesday, we visited Metro Bank in Windsor town centre. We were split into three groups and had three exciting activities to complete throughout the afternoon.


One activity was to see how credit and debit cards are made. They had opened the machine so we could see all the workings as the card was printed with its number and the name of the cardholder. We also saw how it would work in the ATM. Unfortunately, there was no money in our bank account!

Activity Two was to use the Magic Money Machine. During this activity, we were given a handful of coins and had to guess the amount. If we guessed accurately, we were given a prize!

The third activity was one that we had all been very much looking forward to, including the adults. We were allowed into the bank’s vault. We looked at the safe deposit boxes (can you remember how many different sizes there were?) and given a key to one of the boxes. It took us a while to find the boxes as there are 2000 of them! Once we had found the boxes, we went into the viewing room and opened it up. The children were very excited to see what was in them!


Finally, we were all were lucky enough to meet Metro Man. Each child was given a goody bag with lots of fantastic things inside. Metro Bank were very welcoming hosts and it was a fantastic experience for the children to be able to see how a bank works. They have learned about finances, saving and budgeting which they will hopefully remember in years to come!

On Thursday afternoon, the Image Theatre Company came to Oakfield and performed The Sword in the Stone. The set looked magical as we settled into the hall after lunch. Nine children were picked to join in with the actors and were given interesting costumes! It was a very enjoyable performance.