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Summer Term - 15th May 2015



We have had a very exciting week in Birch class! As we are lucky to have so much outdoor space, we made the most of it by spending Monday morning hunting to see which minibeasts (or invertibrates, as we’ve learnt to call them) we share the grounds with. Here are some photographs of us in action:

As you might expect, we found many wood lice hiding under logs, but our most exciting find was this:

Can you remember anything about it?


We also had a chance to go pond dipping and found lots of tadpoles and even a newt! It was interesting to spot which of the tadpoles had begun to grow legs and we discussed how these probably hatched before the ones that did not yet have any. Check the website next week for some photographs of us pond dipping! We are looking forward to finding out more on our trip to the Lookout Centre on Monday.


As part of our Science work, we used what we had found out about invertebrates to create identification keys. We had to think carefully about which questions we could use to distinguish between different invertebrates.


Finally, we thought carefully about how invertebrates survive in their different habitats. We then used this to create our own invertebrate! We had to think carefully about how it was adapted to survive in its environment and our ideas were extremely creative. We need a bit more time to finish this work, so check the website for some pictures of what we have come up with.


In Maths, we have been learning about different graphs and what we can find out from them, as well as practising our multiplication tables. Although there is no homework this week, please help us to keep practising these!