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Summer Term (1)

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely Easter break. We have been straight back into it this week with lots of exciting new topics and activities.


On Tuesday, Chestnut walked up to Windsor Girls' School to make use of their cooking facilities. We have studied different bread types and during our Roman topic, discussed the bread that would have been make. We made a flatbread using a simple recipe.

Lots of the children asked for the recipe so please find it below. You could make it at home and add different toppings. I can recommend mozzarella and tomato! We also discussed adding ingredients to flavour the bread so you could experiment with this.



115g plain flour
¼ tsp salt
50ml warm water
1 teaspoon oil (olive, sunflower or vegetable)


Preparation method

Heat the oven to 210˚.
Place the flour and salt in a large bowl and trickle on the water bit by bit.
Mix the water and flour together.
Add the oil and knead the dough - you are aiming for a soft dough. If it is too sticky add a little more flour, if it is too dry add a small drop of water.
Knead the dough for five minutes – push the dough with your knuckles so it is mixed well.
Divide the dough into three equal balls.
On a clean surface, roll each ball of dough one at a time using a rolling pin. If you pick up and move round the flatbread often you know it hasn’t stuck. (You may need to sprinkle a little flour on the surface but only use a little - too much will dry out the dough.) Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect circles!
Finally place them onto a tray and bake them at 210˚ for 10- 15 minutes.


We have also been learning about money this week with a team from Metro Bank. They are kindly coming in to take three sessions to teach us about budgeting, saving and how different accounts work. We will also be lucky enough to visit the bank on Tuesday 28th April which will be very exciting!


In Science, we have started to study plants and how they grow. On Thursday afternoon, we went on a walk around the school grounds, identifying signs of Spring. We saw lots of buds growing and different coloured blossoms in the trees.