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Summer Term 1 2015

Rounders, Money and Cats!


This week Beech class have been busy writing special types of poems called ‘Kennings’; meaning a poem where you describe something by giving clues as to what it is. The children thoroughly enjoyed trying to guess what item, animal or person the poem was describing. The book we have focused on this week has been ‘There are no cats in this book’ by Viviane Schwarz, the book inspired us to write Kennings about cats; here is an example of a Dylan’s poem:


A paw licker

A loud purer

A mouse eater

A soft stroker

A day dreamer

A good jumper

A milk drinker


In the Cubes maths group we have been revising subtracting two 2 digit numbers from each other using the 100 square and partitioning as well as solving money problems. We have focused on writing amounts correctly (e.g where there are no tens in the penny column) and making amounts of money through investigations. Here are some examples of the amounts children could make from only five coins they had chosen:

This last term on the year only means one thing to the children – SWIMMING! They thoroughly enjoy their swimming lessons and doing something a little different. Beech swimming times are:

Tuesday 1-2pm

Thursday 10-11am


I have also reintroduced the class to Rounders, as we have an Intra-School competition coming up later in the term. We played our first game this week and the children showed real promise and seemed to remember the rules quite quickly!


We are looking forward to Dads into School Day and Sports Day as well as Sports Day!


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