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Starting the Summer Term

The past few weeks have been very busy and exciting for Beech class; this week was no different!


We started our swimming lessons on Monday and Thursday and were lucky enough to be the first class to try the pool!


In Literacy we have been writing some poems, inspired by the work, The Magic Box by Kit Wright. We have stretched our imaginations to the limit to think about what we could have in our own magic boxes. We used abstract nouns as well as concrete nouns to make them more powerful. Here are some extracts from some of the children’s poems:


I will put in my box:

The beastly fire from a Chinese dragon – Lockie

The heat wave from a flaming, exploding volcano – Noah

The hunger of a dinosaur trapped in the deepest and darkest cave for 100 years – Freya and Matilda

The love between a boy and girl – Sadie

A twinkle from the magical, shining sunrise – Thomas B-D

A drop of a melting snowman when the sun is shining – Charlie 


We also thought about what the box could be made of:

My box is fashioned from a rare, golden and blue flower that’s so rare people would fight to the death to just hold it and admire it - Caitlin

Those are just a snapshot of all the fantastic ideas the children came up with!


In maths we have been learning about symmetry in shape and the children got very messy and had so much fun writing and painting their names symmetrically!

We were also lucky enough to have a dance teacher come in every Tuesday afternoon for the next few weeks to teach us some great dance moves and inspire our creativity. I managed to take some pictures of the children in action!
Finally, we always thoroughly enjoy our daily ‘Show and Tell’ time and we had the pleasure of watching and hearing Monty bring in his trumpet, tell us all about it and even play us a few songs! Luke also brought in his very patriotic Ukulele to share with the class too. Luke promised he would learn ‘Oats and Beans and Barley Grow’ for us next time! We also had a trip to the park on Friday afternoon as a treat for excellence attendance and a treat for all the hard work they have done so far!