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Start of the Year

Birch class are now well settled into the new term and have enjoyed getting to know each other over the past few weeks.

We are getting stuck into new topics, and are particularly enjoying the literacy that Key Stage 2 are doing. We are using a BFI film called 'Kirikou', which tells the story of a small boy born in a traditional West African village. Kirikou, the hero of the story, shows the villagers that age and size are no obstacles as he fights against the evil Karaba. We have compared this African tale to familiar traditional tales, looked at characters, studied rhyming words, and considered how we can retell the story using interesting verbs and powerful adjectives.


Kirikou has also provided opportunities for some fantastic artwork, and you will soon see some 'Wanted!' posters decorating the walls of Birch, featuring oil pastel pictures of Karaba, the villain of the story, when you come to visit us on the Golden Anniversary Open afternoon on Friday 25th October.

In connection with the Golden Anniversary, with Mrs Laing, Birch has been thinking about the history of transport in the past 50 years. Since Oakfield opened, man has walked on the moon, Concorde has carried passengers at supersonic speeds and there have been all sorts of developments in our public transport system from monorails to cablecars across the Thames. We have been making 3D pictures of different transport to help capture our investigations.  Look out for the Hall display where we will have quotes from the BBC survey of Sixties memories and drawings of the transport of the age, all on a background of psychedelic splodges! There is a rumour that we may be attempting to build a Mini out of cardboard in the next few weeks!

In PSHE / Citizenship we are linking our work on Kirikou, a folk tale from the continent of Africa to 21st century Africa. We are finding out about artists from this continent who have used their art as a voice to educate people across the world about various issues such as sustainability and human rights. We are also linking our PSHE/Citizenship work with our Harvest charity AGE UK. Look out for some touching letters written by the children to be posted soon. We climbed into our virtual time machine to the future and we have written as ourselves as an old person. Mrs Laing has been delighted with the sensitivity and thought we have shown about the plight of getting older.

Birch has been fortunate this term to be given the opportunity to work with a Scrummys coach on their Rugby skills. Although Mrs Manwaring enjoys teaching all aspects of games, it is a treat to have an expert come in and take over!  We have also been fortunate that Miss Hill has provided us with a new Gymnastic scheme of work and Mrs Laing has enjoyed our Gymnastic lessons with us so far as we have learnt about our core strength, balances and body tension.


It is great to see the team point chart filling up so quickly. Birch Class are trying hard to get better at the skills that make them good learners, and are frequently rewarded for their efforts! Keep working hard, Birch! We're proud of all you're achieving!


 Mrs Manwaring and Mrs Laing