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Spring Term - Week 5

Week commencing 2nd February

This week in Ash class we have been learning about vehicles which travel through the air. We have learned about aeroplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons as well as the history of flight. We have been very creative and have made hot air balloons using a variety of techniques including weaving and junk modelling.

In maths we have been learning about subtraction. We have been doing this by singing lots of songs where we take away e.g. 10 green bottles and through practical games.


In literacy we have begun to make a class information book about transport. We have been writing and illustrating facts we have learnt.


In phonics we have learned the sounds “or, ur and oi”. We are really trying to apply our knowledge of these sounds in our reading so do encourage us to spot and blend these digraphs.

We have continued to add to and expand our role play area by acting out space stories.

Outside we have been enjoying the snowy weather and keeping warm by doing lots of physical activity!

 Next week…

We will be having a busy week learning about Chinese New Year and Valentines. It is also maths week and we will be solving puzzles and learning to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10. In phonics we will be learning “ow”, “er”, “ear” and “air”.


At home…


Please continue to read with us every night and help us spot those digraphs!

We have been doing lots of junk modelling so if you have any spare boxes/recycling please send it in. Don’t forget to check it is clean and we unfortunately can’t use any toilet rolls (although kitchen towel rolls/wrapping paper rolls are fine).


Don’t forget to check back soon!

Ash Class x