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Spring Term - Week 4

Week commencing 26th January


This week in Ash class we have been learning about vehicles which travel on water. We have focused particularly on canal boats and have learned lots of interesting facts about them.       

In maths we have been working on recognising and ordering numbers 11-20. We have been following number pathways and playing games involving ordering numbers from smallest to largest. We have also looked at even bigger numbers on a hundred square.

In phonics we have learned the sounds “igh, oa, oo and ar ”. We are really trying to apply our knowledge of these sounds in our reading so do encourage us to spot and blend these digraphs.

We have been exploring our new role play area – a space station and making it our own by adding lots of our own ideas to it (like moon rocks and aliens!).

We have done lots of art this week. We have used pastels to draw different types of transport, made aliens out of paper mache and painted flowers in the style of canal boat art.

Outside we have been learning about floating and sinking. We have been making predictions about which items float and which items sink and then testing our predictions in the water tray. We have also been talking about what we have found out.

Next week…

We will be learning about air transport. In maths we will be learning about subtraction (or “taking away”) and in phonics we will be learning “or”, “ur”, “ow” and “oi”.


At home…

Please continue to read with us every night and help us spot those digraphs!

We have been doing lots of junk modelling so if you have any spare boxes/recycling please send it in. Don’t forget to check it is clean and we unfortunately can’t use any toilet rolls (although kitchen towel rolls/wrapping paper rolls are fine).


Don’t forget to check back soon!

Ash Class x