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Spring Term - Week 3

Week commencing 19th January


This week in Ash class we have been learning about vehicles which travel on land. We have been talking about what they have in common and we have learnt about how they have changed over time. We have also looked at wheels.    


In maths we have continued our work on addition and are beginning to record our work as simple number sentences. We are also explaining how we can work out the answer to a problem.

In phonics we have learned the sounds “-tch, -nk, ee and ai ”. We have revisited writing simple words and have begun to challenge ourselves by writing some captions for pictures.

In art we have finished our winter tree pictures and have extended this learning by making some winter collages. We also completed a class collage of a large road.

On Wednesday we were lucky to have a visit from Mrs King who brought her campervan in for us to explore. It was exciting to look around inside!

Outside we have been practising our ball skills and we have set up a builder’s yard. We have been dressing up and helping our friends change into different outfits. We have also been playing racing games to keep warm!

Next week…

We will be learning about sea transport. In maths we will be continuing our work on addition and in phonics we will be learning the sounds “igh”, “oa”, “oo” and “ar”.


At home…

Please continue to read with us every night and help us spot those digraphs!

We have been doing lots of junk modelling so if you have any spare boxes/recycling please send it in. Don’t forget to check it is clean and we unfortunately can’t use any toilet rolls (although kitchen towel rolls/wrapping paper rolls are fine).


Don’t forget to check back soon!

Ash Class x