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Spring Term - February 2016 Part 2


We are very lucky be having badminton lessons from an expert coach this term. In our first session, we learnt that we don’t use a ball in badminton because we use something called a shuttle. We also have to be careful with the racket because it’s quite fragile.

We found out that you can use forehands or backhands in badminton, and we practised these using a soft ball first.

Once we had mastered using our hands as pretend rackets, we had a go with a soft ball and a racket. We had to practise using little swings so that we could pass the foam ball accurately to our friends.

Eventually, we had a go with the shuttles. We found out that it’s much harder to hit the shuttle accurately than the ball because you can only hit one end of it. Here we are passing and retrieving the shuttles.

We are really looking forward to the rest of our badminton lessons.