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Spring Term - April 2016

22nd April 2016


In our English lessons, we have been getting ready to write stories. We were inspired by the book Windblown:

In the story, pieces of paper are blown about by the wind to form different animals. We had a go at creating our own:

Next week, we are going to work on creating habitats for our creatures and on planning our plots. Watch this space for an update!



On Thursday, we had the opportunity to participate in a Multisports Competition at St Edwards. We were divided into two teams and there were lots of different activities to enjoy, and it was also an opportunity to practise skills that we can use in a variety of sports. We particularly enjoyed running over hurdles and dribbling a hockey stick. Despite the wind, we also managed to throw beanbags and quoits into targets. Some of us became very good at reaching the furthest target and gaining 3 points for our team. At the end, we were delighted to find out that one of our teams, Oakfield 1, had come third out of the fourteen teams that competed.

Here are some pictures of us having fun: