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Spring Term (7)

This week, we have been invaded by the Romans! There were many realistic, imaginative costumes worn by children on Thursday which really added to the atmosphere of the day. In the morning, we went into the hall to meet our Master. He informed us that we were now not in the school hall, but in a Roman market. There were many different workshops where we made charms from clay, wax tablet and scent bags. We also made medicines to cure a variety of ailments, from bruises to baldness! The children were wonderful apprentices and earned coins for their work.

On Friday, we carried on with our Roman theme, creating Roman pottery. We have looked at pottery in a recent lesson and took inspiration from these. We used our thumbs to create a small pot and then built it up with ‘worms’ of clay. After that, we used different tools to add decoration. These will be dried and placed in a kiln then given to the children. We would like to thank all the volunteers who supported us.

We have managed to fit in some Maths this week too. We have been focused on expanded column addition in both the Spheres group (Miss Howard) and the Prisms group (Mrs Walters). Please ensure that you use this method at home at the moment as it is an important step in the children's understanding. There is a video on Active Learn to explain this method and an example on this week’s homework. There are also some activities allocated on the program for children to use within their Maths homework time. Please find the link below: