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Spring Term (6)

This week has been Maths Week! We have thoroughly enjoyed moving around the year groups to try different activities. In the Year 3 classrooms, we learned all about measuring. We attempted to make the tallest tower we could, using only spaghetti and marshmallows! Then we predicted how tall they would be and measured them.


The first part of our challenge was to design a tower that would stand on its own. We studied different photos of famous towers from around the world, carefully observing the shape and designs of the towers.

Some of the designs were very impressive and well thought out. The children had clearly taken ideas from the towers that we had looked at.

Then we got into groups and used our designs to create a marshmallow, spaghetti tower. Some of us got very sticky!

We worked really hard to create our tall towers and measure them accurately. Our tallest tower was 70 cm!


Here are some of our creations:

We were also lucky enough to have the Happy Puzzle People visit on Wednesday. Josh had brought a variety of exciting (and sometimes very confusing) puzzles with him. We all worked together as a team and had great fun!