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Spring Term (6)

Well what a busy week we all had last week.


Author visits from Nick Sharratt on Monday, then Steve Cole (quite possibly the

funniest man EVER!) on Tuesday, Mother's day card making, the usual everyday things we do and then ending the week with a very lovely Mums into school day on Friday.


The yr 4's focus was on waste, or having as little of it as possible. We watched a

very thought provoking powerpoint about just how much we take for granted on

an everyday basis, mostly without even realising.


The children each designed their own 'pulse' button torch. They came in an array of shapes and sizes. Our resources were limited, so if the children needed an extra bit of colour foam, they had to ask a friend to borrow some of their 'waste' material, rather than cut into a new bit of foam and it mostly go unused.


The torches turned out wonderfully well and everyone managed to connect their circuit successfully.


We really enjoyed having you all in, we hope you enjoyed it too!


Thank you for coming and we hope you liked your Mother's day cards!

From Mr Bednar and Mrs Morgan