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Spring Term (5)

This week we have been continuing with our topic of Jamaica in a variety of lessons. Mrs Manwaring and Mrs Knaggs have been helping us create Jamaican Markey lady pictures using oil pastels. Some of these are displayed in the cloakroom and brighten up the area with lovely vivid colours.  We have also been creating posters to encourage someone to visit Jamaica.


In English, we have been continuing with our letter to Mrs Hull to persuade her to take a holiday in Jamaica. The children have come up with some fantastic ideas and their arguments for Jamaica are very strong. We have used subheadings and paragraphs to organise our writing and exciting vocabulary. It has helped our understanding of tourism in Jamaica and after reading their letters, I would very much like to be sat on a beach in Jamaica!


Each Monday, we are very lucky to have the Maestros teachers come in to teach us cello, clarinet or viola. The children are progressing well and they are beginning to learn more complex pieces of music. Please ensure the children have their instruments every Monday as they do not progress as well when they are just watching the other children play. Musically, we are very busy as we have also been learning the songs for the Reading Hexagon performance. The children are getting more confident with the words and it is great to see them all joining in.


We had some very exciting news on Friday when two members of staff from Legoland came to visit us. They requested our help in redesigning the hill train at Legoland, Windsor. We spent Friday afternoon creating designs to show what we enjoy about LEGOLAND.


Thank you to all the parents that came into the drop in sessions. It was lovely to speak to you and see the children presenting their work with such pride.