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Spring Term - 30th January 2015


We have had a very exciting week in Birch class. Throughout the year, we have been learning a huge amount of music in preparation for the Young Voices concert at the O2 on Thursday. 11 of us made the journey to London, and here are some pictures of the choir while we were singing:

A special thank you must go to Mrs Sendorek and Mr Bednar for helping us to learn so much music, Mr Sendorek, Mrs Hull and Mrs Smith for coming with us, and to Mrs Hejsak for organising the day.


During our English lessons this week, we have been putting everything that we’ve learnt about persuasive language to good use by planning and beginning to write a letter to persuade Mrs Hull that she really wants to go to Jamaica for her summer holiday. Check the website next week for some examples of our work.


In PSHE, we have thought about different groups that we belong to, such as our family, our class, and any extra-curricular groups that we attend. After we had done this, we considered how we feel when we are part of these groups, and what it might feel like to be left out. Here are some pictures of us in action:

We have also started a cupboard of kindness in our classroom. When we spot somebody else being kind, we write it down and add it to our cupboard. Here are some pictures to show how many people have been spotted already: