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Spring Term - 27th March 2015



We started our week with an instrumental concert, which all of us played in. It was really clear that all of us have made huge amounts of progress since our very first lessons back in September. For us Year 3 children, it was also inspirational to listen to the Year 4 children and think of how much we will have improved by with another year of instrumental lessons. Here are some pictures of is in action with our instruments:

In Computing, we have been improving our programming skills. A really important part of this is the ability to give very clear instructions. Each week, we have worked in pairs, with one of us pretending to be a robot and the other an instructor. This week, the instructor had to make his or her robot draw a 2D shape. To do this, we had to think carefully about how to tell the robot to place its chalk onto the playground, how to get it to turn around corners and how to make it draw a line or a specific length. We decided to use the language of quarter or half turns, but also talked about degrees and centimetres for length. Once we had come back inside, we used what we had learnt to complete some of the Turtle levels https://blockly-games.appspot.com/turtle. You could have a go at finishing the rest of them at home. Here are some pictures of Birch Bots and instructors:

Our Science topic this term has been Humans and other Animals. As part of this, we have learnt about skeletons and muscles. This week, we spent a lot of time thinking about how we know which muscles are helping our body to do what, and that they work in pairs. We made a model of an arm and found out that muscles must be attached to the end of bones because that was the point where it was easiest to make the limb move. After Easter, we are looking forward to finishing this topic by learning about nutrition.


We have taken a short break from writing our non-chronological reports to write some poetry about daffodils. Some of us will be sharing our efforts in the Spring Assembly on Wednesday. We hope that we will see you there!