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Spring Term - 23rd January 2015


We are now well into our Jamaican topic, and have enjoyed painting designs for a stamp that could represent Jamaica. You can see some pictures of us working here:

In our English lessons, we have been learning how to use our language persuasively. We had to convince a snowman to come into our classroom as well as trying to persuade a dragon that he really should stop eating princesses! We’ve had great fun doing this, and really impressed the adults in Birch with our creativity and flexible use of language. In our last English lesson this week, we received a letter from Mrs Hull asking us to help her with ideas for her summer holiday. As we now know so much about Jamaica, we decided to try to persuade her that she should choose this beautiful island as her destination. Our first task was to read lots of information from different books about Jamaica, and then we had to work in small groups to create a presentation all about Jamaica. When we were in the audience, we had to think about the things that made an excellent presentation. Here we are presenting our ideas and watching our friends:

In our science lessons, we have been learning about magnets. This week, we learnt about which materials are magnetic and which are not. At the beginning, we thought that metal things would be magnetic, but we tested our ideas out and found out that copper and aluminium were not, and only iron and steel were. We also thought carefully about how we could record our ideas so that it was easy for other people to read them, and decided to draw tables.


Spelling homework will go home today, and should be back at school on Monday. Maths will also be sent home, and is due back in school on Wednesday.