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Spring Term - 20th March 2015


We have learnt about a huge range of different things here in Birch this week. On Monday, we were treated to a concert by a viola player who is studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He played some pieces that we knew, such as the Harry Potter theme tune, and we asked lots of excellent questions which he answered carefully. He even played some nursery rhyme tunes to us when we asked him to. This concert certainly inspired us to continue to work hard at the instruments that we are learning. We will have another concert on Monday to show you how much we have improved since before Christmas and our teachers think that you will be amazed! Here are a few photographs of the special performance on Monday. You can see just how captivated we were by the beautiful playing by how many questions we wanted to ask!

We have continued to research about the Romans to write some non-chronological reports about the period. We have found out a strange mixture of facts, including the fact that rich Romans used to lie on couches to eat feasts, and that only very rich people wore togas as they were so heavy you had to walk very slowly in them. We also found out that if you were captured by the Romans in a battle, they would probably make you become a gladiator. In History, we have been learning about the Roman Empire and why their army was so effective. As part of this, we looked at Roman shields and made our own so that we could pretend to be Roman legionaries and see if we could learn the commands that the Roman Army used to make sure that the soldiers were so organised. Here are some pictures of the Birch Legion with their shields!