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Spring Term 2015

Spring Term Week 2

Our topic for the term is Let’s Travel / Journeys and this week we have been busy thinking about ‘Local Journeys’.


We started the week off thinking about all that we see on our way to and from school.  This involved lots of discussion with our talking partners and we came up with lots of ideas – houses, cars, people, dogs, letter box, road, bridge, park, traffic lights, lamp posts, garden gates.  Miss Hathaway asked us to be really observant on the way home and to look closely and carefully at everything we saw so we could tell everybody the next day.  As a result some children have drawn pictures of things they saw and we have shared them in class with everybody.  Super work!


We have also talked about how we travel to school and we made a tally chart and a pictogram to illustrate this with Mrs Baxendale.

In our fruit time this week we have also talked about ways of keeping healthy and we seem to be very knowledgeable about this!  We know that we need to eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day, drink lots of water and even milk; we also need to exercise and get plenty of sleep.


We have also been reminding ourselves of the school’s ‘Golden Rules’ and the importance of good listening, good looking and good thinking to help us with our learning.
In number work we have been practising our counting skills using marbles; this has been good fun!  We have started to learn how to add two groups of objects together to find a total number and we always count very carefully to find the answer. When we have a number over 5 we have learnt to put that number into our head and then count on using our fingers for the other number.  Fingers are brilliant to help us with our counting as they are with us all the time! We worked in groups to sort lots of different objects with Mrs Baxendale and we had to really think about the best way to sort them.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon on Wednesday and we went outside into the playground for a ‘Winter Walk’ to look at the trees.  We noticed that most trees had no leaves and we looked at the shapes of the branches.


Although it has been jolly cold we still have the option to go outside during in free flow, so we always make sure our coats are on and done up.  Some of us still need some help with fastening our coats; please could you help us to practise this at home.