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Spring Term 2015 (1)

Cedar Class have had a very enjoyable and educational trip to Metro Bank in Windsor.  The bank representatives have been coming into school to teach us about what banks do in general with specific lessons on ‘savings’ and ‘interest’.  During the lesson on ‘interest’ each of us was given two grapes.  We could choose to eat them if we wanted to (they were very juicy, tasty-looking grapes!) or we could save them and then we would get two more grapes at the end of the lesson.  A few of us gave into temptation, but most of us ‘saved’ up and got our grapes with interest at the end! 


When we arrived at the bank we were split into three groups and each group got to use the Magic Money Machine to count cash, see how the in-store machine prints debit and credit cards in just five minutes and enter the vault where all the safe deposit boxes are kept.  This last one was most people’s favourite part.  We were allowed to open one of the boxes and take it to the private viewing room to see the contents! 


The visit ended with a photo session with Metro Man who gave use goodie bags to take away. 


The only question now is: Who’s a saver and who’s a spender?