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Spring Term - 16th January 2015



We have really enjoyed learning about Jamaica this week. In literacy, we have looked at poetry by Jamaican poets. We read lots of poems and thought about what we could learn about Jamaica from them. We also had fun performing a poem called Hi, coconut:

We have thought about what’s special about Windsor, and wrote a postcard to somebody in Jamaica to tell them about our town. Once we had finished writing, we had fun designing a stamp to represent Windsor. Lots of us chose to represent Queen Elizabeth II or Windsor castle. Here are some examples of our fantastic stamps:

We’re looking forward to designing a stamp to represent Jamaica in our art lessons next week.


Our new science topic is forces, and we started by beginning to learn about magnets. This week, we learnt about the poles on a magnet, and which combinations attract and repel. We also found out that magnets don’t have to touch each other to be attracted or repelled and started to explore magnetic fields. Next week, we will investigate which materials are magnetic and which are not.


Spelling and maths homework will be sent home today as normal. Please make sure that spelling comes back on Monday, and maths on Wednesday.