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Spring Term - 13th February 2015


Maths week has been very exciting for all of us! We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside our friends in other classes and year groups, and we have explored some unusual areas of maths. In Birch class, we tackled the spaghetti marshmallow challenge and learnt a lot about measuring. We measured each other, and calculated the difference in height between different members of the group. We looked at pictures of different towers that have been built all around the world, including the Eiffel Tower and the minaret of a mosque in Afghanistan. We thought about why these towers are so strong, and have survived for so many years, paying special attention to the shapes that we could spot in each one. Next, we had to work as a team to come up with a design for our tower. We only had 6 marshmallows, but we could use as much spaghetti as we liked. You can see us designing here.

Once we had agreed on one group design for our tower, we could start to build! The most challenging part was not being allowed any more marshmallows. Here are some photos of us building our towers:

After the towers had been built, we had to estimate the height order of the five towers in the classroom, from smallest to tallest. Then we measured each tower using non-standard units, such as our lower arm, and standard ones, such as centimetres, which we had to use tape measures for. It was interesting to see whether our predictions were correct! Finally, we calculated the differences in height between our tower and the tallest and smallest person in our group. The older children helped the younger children to calculate the difference in height very well, and showed them how to use the tape measures to help them.


As well as the fun-packed sessions in the classroom, we also enjoyed the visit from the Happy Puzzle Company on Wednesday afternoon. We had to work in groups of six to solve a variety of puzzles. From doing this, we learnt how to work more logically and how to work in a team. Here are some pictures of us in action: