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Spring Term 1 2015

Resolutions, Traditional Tales and Electricity!


This term so far Beech Class has been busy learning about lots of different things and making resolutions for the New Year!

In English we have been looking at the traditional tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and looking at different perspectives of the characters and using descriptive language. We did a twist on the tale and wrote a letter from the wolf to the pigs to apologise for his behaviour! We will also be looking at other alternative stories of the ‘The Three Little Pigs’ this term.


In Maths the Cubes group have been challenging themselves by using and applying their number bonds and particularly by learning how to self-check their work using inverse operations. We have using inverse operations to help us with our doubles and halves and also with finding the missing number in the number sentence.

This term in Science we are looking at Electricity for the last time in Year 2; due to the new curriculum Electricity has been moved to Year 4 as of September 2015. The children have been thoroughly enjoying making simple circuits and investigating and experimenting with extra batteries, bulbs and wires. It always amazes me how quickly they are able to make circuits and understand how they work; we have been working collaboratively during lessons and will be exploring extra elements such as buzzers and switches this term. I think the children’s faces perfectly demonstrate how much enthusiasm they have for the topic!