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September 2015

A big, warm welcome to the new members of Beech Class and what a busy week we have had already! Everyone is settling in nicely and the children are learning the new routines very quickly.


This week in English we have been discussing about buckets…We have looked at a lovely book called ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ by Carol McCloud. The idea behind the book is that everyone has an invisible bucket and people can fill it by saying or doing nice things or they can dip from a bucket by saying or doing mean things. The children have really enjoyed role playing and writing about ways we can fill each other’s and our own buckets.


In maths we have been solving a range of investigations and puzzles. This has really got Beech Class using a range of number and reasoning skills to help find the answer or answers!


Just a polite reminder to send your child in with a water bottle every day, please!

Beech Class PE days: Monday and Wednesday

Beech Class Library day: Tuesday

Theme for this term: Food, Health and Growth