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Hello again just a quick update about what we got up to last term. First of all we are very pleased to tell you that our ‘Lost Posters’ did the trick as Kiwi and Fluffy have returned to Holly!!

We have been apple picking and made stewed apple. 


We weighed all our apples, as you can see from the photograph William found the largest apple and Oscar picked the smallest apple.


We have been working on simple addition in maths and are now measuring using non standard measures (e.g. measuring using our hand span, a pen or cubes). We guess first then we measure the object. Please encourage your child to measure some things at home.

During our literacy lessons we have been learning about writing letters, post cards, invitations and thank you cards. We hope you have received your postcard by now. We received an invitation from Cherry class to a party which we all had great fun at.


Our History lessons have been based on comparing toys from the past with toys of today, we are busy making displays for outside Holly and Cherry to show you how much toys have changed over the last 50 years.

We hope you looked at our displays at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.