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We had a fabulous time in science week. 

During the past week Captain Wiggles has been sending us letters about his missing parrot Polly and asking us to help find her. With each letter we received a piece of a map. By last Tuesday we had collected all 3 pieces of the map sent by Captain Wiggles and then we followed the map to the Pirate Park where Captain Wiggles was waiting for us! We managed to help him find Polly. I think it was Joe who found her in the end. The sun had come out especially for us so we made the most of it by spending the rest of the time playing and hunting for treasure. Captain Wiggles made Mrs Hart and Mary walk the plank.   


We have Miss Cooley working with us for 6 weeks and she has been thinking of lots of exciting lessons for us, even singing Spanish songs. Last week Miss Cooley taught us the names of 3D shapes and there properties. This week we are learning about counting on in ones and tens.
We designed a raft and then the following week we followed our designs to help us build the raft. Finally we tested our rafts to see if they would float and how much treasure they could hold without sinking. I think everyone’s rafts managed to stay afloat but a couple of then did tip over when we put the treasure in them.
During Book Week we had a local illustrator called Becky Young visit us and share a book she has written about Windsor. She showed us how she does her illustrations and then we all had a go. Our results were very pleasing.

During our RE sessions we are learning about Judaism and in History we are learning about Florence Nightingale. We have a doctor’s surgery in our room and many Brain Surgeons performing operations.

Bye for now
From Holly Class