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October 2015

Welcome back to Holly Class page! What a busy few weeks we have had! The children have settled into the new routine of the class well and we have been learning about class rules and expectations. The children are excited to have their own place at a table now where they go to do their work. We are now working as a whole class in small groups for Maths and English lessons. The children are also enjoying learning new subjects such as: Art, Geography, Science, RE, PSHE and Computing. We have very busy days in Holly class! Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to so far this term:


The Hunt for Goldilocks!

One of our English topics has been the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children were really engaged in the story and we had some fun imagining Goldilocks was missing due to running away from the bears house! The children each designed a WANTED poster to try and find Goldilocks and there was a sighting on our school field! So off we went to be detectives and see what we could find. We discovered: a chair, a ribbon, a blanket and a bowl of half eaten porridge! We decided it would be a nice idea to invite Baby Bear to have some porridge seeing as Goldilocks had eaten all of his! We were lucky to receive a reply from Baby Bear and we got busy making porridge (Of course we all ate some too!)

Art Lessons

This term we are looking at portraits and famous artists that have created many portraits such as Pablo Picasso. The children have been learning how to draw a simple face shape and add the features of the face in the correct place. We have also been experimenting with different materials such as: pencils, crayons, oil pastels, sketch pencils and chalk, to see which ones we like the best. Many of us liked using the oil pastels and chalks as we discovered you can have fun and smudge them! We have been thinking about colours which best represent emotions such as happiness and sadness and looking at some of Picasso’s work using warm and cold colours. Why not ask your child to try and draw a portrait of you at home and show you their developing art skills!?


ILC Day Projects

Well what a variety of lovely projects we have had this year! The children enjoyed sharing their ‘I is for Imagination’ projects in a big ‘Show and Tell’ session. We enjoyed playing games, reading stories and watching video clips just to name a few! Here is just a selection of the many projects we had. Well done everyone!


I am pleased that the children are really motivated with their Maths homework so far! It is a pleasure to see the children wanting to extend their learning and this really shows in the classroom. The children are also progressing well with their reading skills and this is thanks to the continued support the children receive at home. There will be special certificates handed out at the end of the term for children who frequently complete their homework. Keep up the good work!

That’s all for now!

Mrs Turrall