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October 2015


So far this term, we have really got stuck into our topics. Our main topic is focussed around Africa and a West African traditional tale, Kirikou. The children have been finding out lots about Africa. We have discussed that although the villagers in Kirikou live in mud huts and live in the savannah/ rainforest, modern Africa also has cities that are very similar to ours! We have been looking at a variety of countries in Africa.


The children have produced some fantastic work based on Kirikou. Presently, we are writing a diary from Kirikou’s perspective to describe the day when he saved the village by fixing their spring.  The children have applied their understanding of similes, alliteration, adverbs and adjectives to generate some excellent pieces of writing.


We have also been looking at the character, Karaba, an evil sorceress who has taken the villager’s water and demands they present her with all of their gold. Below are some designs that the children created for Karaba’s palace.

In Design and Technology, we have been studying, sketching and designing African masks. We have started to make these and have been looking closely at the colours and materials that traditional African masks are made from.