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October 2015

Some highlights of Cedar’s busy half term!


We have enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptians and have worked hard on researching an area of everyday life to present to the class.  Eton College was unable to accommodate us during our project but we will be taking a trip there shortly after half term to see their Egyptian collection ... so our learning continues in this area!  Thank you to everyone who brought in books, pictures, facts and photographs to help further our studies! 


We wanted to share some photos of the wonderful gymnastics work we've been doing this half term.  We have worked on creating different shapes in a sequence and being able to create fluency in our work.  We've built up from working on lower apparatus to the high apparatus and we've all enjoyed using the wall bars.  How many shapes can you spot us using?

 (The shapes we have used are: dish, arch, pike, straddle, front straddle, straight, star and puck). 

Our RE day got us thinking about some very BIG questions, like what are our rights as children and, alongside these rights, what are our responsibilities?  Did you know that about 80% of the world’s population shares just 20% of the world’s resources?  How are the rights of these children being met? And what can we do, in our own small ways, to help make sure all children’s rights are met?  These proved very thought provoking and led to some very mature and interesting discussions.   Miss Hill was very impressed! smiley

Here is our class feeding back ideas on what are responsibilities are linked to our right “ to good quality health care, clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so that we stay healthy…”