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November 2015

18th November 2015


Term 2 is proving just as busy as the last!  We had a fantastic trip to Eton College to see their collection in the Museum of Antiquities.  The photos can be seen on the Oakfield TV if you visit the school.  We used a game to help us understand the mummification process in school and many of the children wanted a link to the website so they could play the game themselves so here it is:





We have started our new English topic on exploring imagined worlds and how to get to them.  We are currently working on oral story telling using a short film called Something Fishy.  We have created a ‘text map’ to help us remember and retell the story.  Today the children did a brilliant job of sharing the story in pairs.


Here’s the ‘text map’ (excuse my drawing – I’m no artist!) so the children can tell YOU the story!