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November 2015



This term, we have been creating many wonderful pieces of art. From exploring the colour wheel to paint orange Ancient Greek vases to creating African masks, we have improved many of our artistic skills. Chestnut Class are very proud of these pieces of work and we would like to share some with you!


One of our first pieces of artwork was ‘The Surprise’ by Henri Rousseau. We looked at pictures of the rainforest in Africa and designed our pictures. We used oil pastels to draw the background and used green and brown tissue paper to create a 3D effect.
Our African masks were a great Design and Technology topic. The children looked at different masks from Africa and designed their own, carefully looking at the features and colours used. They all came out completely unique which was lovely to see. Some masks even had hair, made from curled paper!
The current artwork topic is Ancient Greek vases. This project has had many stages. We explored the colour wheel, studying which colours we needed to mix to make orange. We then painted our vases using our own paint colours. Can you remember which colours are primary colours?
The final step to our vases will be drawing scenes from the Ancient Greek Olympics in black pencil. We hope our vases will look like the artefacts below!