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Mums into School Day

Thank you Mum’s for making ‘Mum’s in School Day’ such a lovely day. We really enjoyed having you with us to help us with our work.
For those that were not here this is what we did that day.
Saplings put on a gorgeous Mother’s Day assembly, then we went back to class and Mrs Hart read us a book about Aliens coming to earth and not liking everything that they saw.
Then we wrote about how we would change things to make the world a better place if we were the ‘Prime Minister’ for a day.
After play we did lots of measuring of things in our environment and some of us had to solve the difficult problem of ‘How long is a piece of string’.
After lunch we looked at the Art work of ‘Goldsworthy’ then we had turns at making pictures using bits and pieces from the environment and weaving using old plastic bags.
We also got to go inside the Earth Balloon which was enormous!!
Here are a few photos from the Day.