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What a lovely few weeks Cherry Class have had! The sunshine has allowed us to enjoy our lovely school grounds. We have managed to get out and about quite a lot looking at the wildlife and plants in our immediate environment. We spent some time looking at and appreciating the daffodils which we then later drew.

I was so proud of the class during our recent visit to St. Andrews Church. Their behaviour was exemplary. Whilst they were very interested in exploring the church they were also very respectful. The visit was the culmination of a term’s work in RE; looking at Places of Worship.

Last term much of our Literacy was based around The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.  Over the Easter holidays Norden Farm in Maidenhead are showing a performance of ‘The lighthouse Keeper’s Cat’.

Please see the Norden Farm website for details if you are looking for something fun to do over the holidays.


‘Hamish is the lighthouse keeper’s cat. He overhears Mr and Mrs Grinling say he’s too plump to catch the lighthouse mice, so he runs away. But he is scared of everything he meets – like cows and bicycles and screaming babies! Hamish’s hilarious antics finally lead him up a tree where he is trapped. Can he find his way back home? Will he ever eat Mrs Grinling’s delicious pie again? And will the mice help him?’

Next term we are studying Australia. We will look at the geography of the country, its native animals, the people and their artwork. Children are welcome to bring in items relevant to this topic on their ‘show and tell’ day if they wish.

Nocturnal Animals
As part of our Science and Literacy topics we will look nocturnal animals. We will look at many of these animals in some detail. Children are invited to bring in books, carry out their own research etc, in preparation for this topic.