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May 2016

May 2016

On Friday 6th May, Year 3 went on an exciting trip to Woolley Firs. As we got there we were met by the team, Lynn, Will and Julie.

In the morning, Chestnut Class went up to the woods. We were encouraged to use all our senses to experience the world around us. The children paired up and played ‘Meet a Tree’. This required good balance and a great deal of trust in your partner!

In the woods, we also went on a Tree Identification treasure hunt. In teams, we hunted down the trees with yellow letters on them and used identification keys and a phone app to identify the type of tree, carefully observing the leaves.


During our afternoon session, we worked with Julie and Will. They showed us lots of different seeds and we discussed the methods of seed dispersal. Then, we went to Hedgehog Hollow to plant some of our own wildflower seeds. Instead of giving us a flower pot, we made them using newspaper and a special, wooden tool. This was a great idea as it means we can plant them straight away as the newspaper will just disintegrate. Please feel free to bring in any photos of the wildflowers when they grow to share with the class!


We also played a game to show the bees collecting nectar from flowers and pollinating the plants on their journey. I think this was a favourite for a lot of the children and they made wonderful bees and flowers!

It was a truly fantastic trip. The weather stayed glorious for us and the children represented Oakfield very well. We were all very proud of Chestnut Class! A big thank you to the team at Woolley Firs who made our day so enjoyable!