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May 2016

Water, times tables and poetry!

Beech Class have been busy recently and in Science all the children have planted a range of flowers which are growing nicely in the sunshine. The children thoroughly enjoyed planting them and taking it in turns to water them; they go straight to see the plants first thing every morning to check their progress.

In Cubes maths group we have been learning about capacity as well as multiples. The children have lots of fun going outside and estimating and measuring in ml and L and reading scales on the measuring jugs and cylinders. The children have also been learning about multiples and have been using their times tables to help them.

In English we have been looking at a really interesting poem by Kit Wright called ‘The Magic Box’. The children have produced some excellent work using concrete and abstract nouns; they have also used a lot of adjectives to give their poems detail and make them even more interesting. Here are a few lines from some of their poems:


I will put in the box:                                              I will put in the box:

A swish of the wild, dark and blue sea                   A powerful spell from a witch’s

The first raindrop of a thirsty desert                  An echo of a baby bat taking its first flight

A sharp, cold heart from a fierce dragon              A precious wish from a child’s birthday


By Angelika                                                           By Marina


For PE this term we have been learning Tennis skills which the children have been very excited about. We have been practising a series of skills such as rallying and racket control. They particularly enjoy having the nets out and passing to each other over the net.