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Cherry had a very busy and exciting term last term, the highlight of which was the Science Week. Please take a look at the Science Week report on the website and see what a wonderful week the children had. Well done to all those children who did research and brought projects in. We look forward to children ‘showing and telling’ the class all about their projects.

Last term saw the children introduced to Mr Grinling the lighthouse keeper. They looked the book and they worked hard during literacy lessons to produce some wonderful descriptive work based on the story.
Character Descriptions of Mr Grinling
Mr Grinling By Isobel
Mr Grinling is a lighthouse keeper. He is a grumpy, rude and small man. He is the most industrious lighthouse keeper. He has a long nose like Pinocchio. He gets very hungry on Monday and Tuesday because the pesky seagulls keep on eating his lunch. Do you think he will get his lunch?
Mr Grinling By Rebeka
Mr Grinling is fat and grumpy. He was as angry as a lion. He is a very hard working man. He never gets his food because the seagulls keep on eating it.
 This term we are going to look at superheroes!
We will start by reading about at a hero called Jim who saves a beached dolphin in a Michael Murpurgo book called Dolphin Boy.


It’s no secret that Mr Murpurgo is my favourite author and I’m super excited to be able to share him with the class.

In science we are going to start looking at plants and animals in our environment. We are so lucky to work on such a wonderful site. Weather permitting, we will get out as often as we can and enjoy and explore our school grounds. You can help your child by pointing out familiar plants, trees and minibeasts, maybe on the way to school and by talking about the plants we eat.


We will endeavour to grow our own plants. As much as my favourite author is no secret so is the fact that I’m not terribly green fingered though I’m sure the children will have more success!


Please explore the links below to support your child’s learning at home.


Show and Tell
For most children this is their favourite part of the day. They love bringing things in from home to show or share things that they have done. I really enjoy listening too. They are all gaining in confidence and do really well to hold the interest of an audience.


This term we are going to slightly change how we organise this activity. We will furnish the children with a list of show and tell days. Each child will be allocated a day when they will do their turn to show or tell. Even if your child doesn’t volunteer to bring in anything from home please do try and encourage them as I would like everyone to take their turn each week. Look out for the list in book bags during the first week back.