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March 2016

Book characters, Mums and Biscuit Bears!


Beech Class have been very busy this term and have been having a lot of fun! We really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day as well as having the Mums come in to visit!

The children looked fantastic in their World Book Day costumes and we even had the Year 2 Winner in our class- Dora! She made a great effort with her homemade ‘Puss in Boots’ costume – can you spot her?

‘Mums into School’ Day was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing this with their Mums and show them where they learn and help them with the activities. Our theme for the day was our topic on The Great Fire of London; we baked soft and sweet bread rolls to imagine how the baker, Thomas Farriner, felt and how he made his bread. It was very messy but the Mums and children all got involved. Once the children’s rolls had risen, the children gave their rolls a fun name and cool design, with help from the Mums. It was a really fun day and the children were so excited to eat their rolls when they got home.

In English we have been looking at a book by Mini Grey called Biscuit Bear. The children have done a lot of work around the book and one of the lessons we re-enacted one of the scenes where the biscuit bears made a circus. The children wrote on whiteboards what they wanted to say and then showed the class.

In Cubes Maths group we have been looking at multiplication; we looked at different methods to use to help us solve multiplication sentences. The methods we focused on were using arrays, repeated addition and grouping. The children have become a lot more confident with knowing what ‘x’ operation is and are able to use and apply the method they find the most helpful.