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This term we have a report from the class about the work they have been doing.
We got the idea for the African Masks from Kirikou, the DVD KS2 have been working on.  We used many materials: sequins, oil pastels, wool, sticks.  On our design sheet we had to write what the masks showed eg. braveness, evilness.  We had to write what the reaction on people would be eg. respectful, scared.  Somehow the designs that we did on our design sheet turned out completely different. Eisha


I liked colouring my mask and cutting the ears.  I loved doing the design testing out what colours worked and ones that didn't.  My favourite part was trying to make the masks the right shape. Willow


When we made our masks I enjoyed designing the mask because you can always change it.


I liked colouring in when I was making my African mask.  I also liked it when I cut the template of my African mask. Edri


I enjoyed making the masks' eyes and putting the beard on. George