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A Very Happy New Year!!

Last term was extremely busy but very exciting. Not only did the children throw themselves into the Christmas celebrations but they all became completely absorbed in our ‘SPACE’ topic.

Together we enjoyed lots of fiction books and poetry based around space, space travel and aliens and the children genuinely enjoyed reading non-fiction books about space. They used every opportunity to read their fact books and all used their newly found knowledge to produce information sheets all about space.


We even took one of our favourite books, ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and used the story and the aliens love of pants to help us in maths.

Using the pants from the story, the children looked at symmetry and created lots of pairs of symmetrically patterned pants!  We also learned division by sharing and grouping using aliens and their stolen pants!
This term’s main topic is the ‘Seaside’ and ‘Light Houses’. We will read ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and learn about a famous Lighthouse Keeper called Grace Darling.
In science this term we will study electricity. The children will think about what life would be like without electricity, the journey electricity takes to reach our homes and they will investigate simple electrical circuits culminating in creating a model of a working lighthouse! – We will be looking for lots of kitchen roll tubes to help us with this activity. Please send any tubes you may have in with your child. Thank You!