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January 2016

8th January 2016


Welcome back to school! We hope you all had a wonderful break and would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a peaceful 2016!


This term we will be studying The Anglo-Saxons in History. If you are interested in finding out more about this fascinating period of our British history, you can research using these links. Look out for more details of this terms topics on the Curriculum Sheet which will come home in the children's bags very soon!


http://www.bl.uk/collection-items/beowulf - A summary of history from the British Library website


http://ebeowulf.uky.edu/gettingstarted/overview - A digitised version of the original manuscript





13/01/2016 - This is what Gracie learnt about the Anglo-Saxons after completing some research:


Anglo-Saxon Food and Drink


Fact No. 1 Anglo-Saxons used to feast in a hall where they would eat lovely food.  There might have been grand music entertainment and lots of story telling, like they might have told the story Beowulf!!!!


Fact No. 2 Nearly ALL food was boiled in a metal cauldron over a boiling hot fire and was normally eaten as a kind of yummy stew.


Fact No. 3 They drank ale from drinking horns which were animal horns and you filled it with a drink and drank!!!!!  They drank ale because river water was often polluted.


Fact No. 4 Anglo-Saxons ate what they grew on farmland such as:

Cereals – wheat and rye for bread

Vegetables – carrots, parsnips, cabbage, beans and peas, along with onions.

Fruit – juicy apples, cherries and plums


Fact No. 5 Pigs were eater as well as fish like perch or herring.  Food would be dried or slated to preserve it over winter!!!!!!!

By Gracie – Cedar Class

28/01/2016 - Update on the Saxons from Christian and Matty.


Who Were The Saxons?


The Anglo-Saxons were warrior-farmers and came from north-western Europe. They began to invade Britain while the Romans were still in control. The Anglo-Saxons were tall, fair-haired men, armed with swords and spears and round shields. They loved fighting and were very fierce. Their skills included hunting, farming, textile (cloth) production and leather working.

By Christian


How Do We Know About Skills and Occupations of the Anglo-Saxons?


We know about the Anglo-Saxons because of the things we have found giving us quite detailed information about their lives. Anglo-Saxons where often buried with their possessions. The objects we have found in graves have provided us with evidence of the different jobs done by men and women and the skills they had.

By Matty