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January 2016

January 2016

Welcome back to Holly class page and Happy New Year! We have got straight back into working hard and have already produced a lot of lovely work.



In English we have been focussing on poetry around the theme of winter. The children have been learning about adjectives (wow words) to describe wintery pictures and how winter makes them feel. We have also been looking at similes and the children have created some lovely sentences with wow words and similes! Lastly we created an acrostic poem putting all of our lovely literacy ideas together. Here are just some examples of fantastic pieces of creative writing:

‘The snow was as crunchy as a crisp. The trees were as cold as ice cream’ – Eli

‘The icicles are as pointy as pencils’ – Emily

‘The snowflake is frosty and sparkly like a diamond’ – Frankie



Our topic in Science this half term is ‘Plants’. We spoke about what we know about plants already and then studied a daffodil bulb. After talking about what plants need, we planted our bulbs in partners and will be monitoring them over the next few weeks!


In art this term we are looking at ‘Colour Chaos’. We have looked at the work of Piet Mondrian and using the primary colours to create a piece of art work. We have also had a go at mixing primary colours with paint to make secondary colours. We will be using this skill to go on to mix tertiary colours and create paintings like the artist Mark Rothko.

Check back soon for more updates!