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Happy New Year

This term our literacy topic is based around pirates. We have already made up our own pirates and given them names and written character descriptions. We all wrote a poem about things that a pirate might find in his/her pocket.

Here are a couple of the poems:

A dazzling pearl                                                            A sparkling ruby
A Treasure box                                                              A special spot
A mermaid’s scale                                                       A wet feather
A beautiful shell                                                           A ripped map
An eye patch                                                                A shinning ring
A bit of smelly seaweed                                             A talking parrot
By Tirion                                                                       By Annie

In ICT we have been using the Bee Bots. We have been learning how to programme them to make them move where we want them to.

In maths we have been doing lots of adding and subtracting and are now beginning to learn about position, which goes well with our ICT topic. We are using vocabulary like left, right, beside, above and below. We will be designing our own games in our maths lessons.

Our science topic is ‘Materials’. We have been sorting materials and learning about where the different materials come from. We tested a variety of materials to see if they were water proof or not. Soon we will be testing different materials to see if they float or sink. Then we will be choosing materials to build a raft with. Then we will test the raft to see how much treasure it will hold!!