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Greek Pottery

Greek pottery with Mrs Mort
Wednesday 29th January 2014


We made some Greek pottery.  It was really fun! 
First, we designed a decoration that had had to have lots of Greek patterns and include a vase or pot shape.  There were all different types to choose from.


Today, Mrs Mort helped us to carve the shape of the background out of clay.  We used the template we had made to make the pot better.  We looked in a Greek book so that we knew they were Greek designs.  To put the designs on, we used a cocktail stick.

They look amazing! Thanks Mrs Mort! By Stella and Lily



Instructions to make your own ice candle

WARNING: Ask an adult for help when using microwave and handling HOT WAX!!!!!!


What you will need:


ice cubes
a chopped up candle and wick(whole)
an old container e.g. an empty juice carton etc
a microwave
a microwave – proof bowl / dish
one paper clip
oven gloves/cloth

Step 1: First put the chopped up candle wax in the microwave – proof bowl/dish then put in microwave.


Step 2: (look at warning) Ask an adult to take wax out when liquidised (bowl is hot!)
Step 3: Get your container out and put in your wick with the paper clip attached to the bottom. Pour the ice cubes in to the container (fill to brim).
Step 4: Ask the adult to carefully pour the HOT wax into the container and the let the science begin!
Step 5: Let the ice melt and wax set, then take out your homemade ice candle.
You’ve made your own ice candle
Well done, we all hope it works!!!! From Chestnut class
(By Tallulah and Kirsty)