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Greek Day

Greek day in Oakfield First School

During the first week back after Christmas we scoured our wardrobes and cupboards as we were expected to arrive to school in a Greek costume.
The hall was transformed into an Agora in Athens and all of us became the citizens of this fine, ancient city for the morning. We all tried some typical Greek occupations, although not everything that was on offer as there were too many fun and we would not be able to come to the feast in the afternoon.

In the afternoon we attended a generous feast. Unfortunately, between lunch and the start of the feast some of us became slaves (looks like we did not pay taxes) and were serving the free citizens during their feast. The citizens were entertained by the two theatrical productions (The Hare and the Tortoise; Story of Medusa), dance troupe and the military display.

The pictures were taken at the feast. We enjoyed our day in ancient Athens and give thanks to our gracious lady Athena granted us this privilege.

In science lesson this week we made this “Ice Candle”.

Ask us at home how we created this. We should be able to explain the science behind it as well.