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December 2015

4th December 2015


Tinsel, tea towels and Space!


The past few weeks have been very busy for Beech Class. The children have thoroughly enjoyed our Space topic this term. We have also been rehearsing for our Christmas production ‘Tinsel and Tea Towels’; the children are very excited and we have some fantastic singers, actors and actresses!


In Maths the Cubes group we have been looking at estimating, measuring and drawing length in centimetres, metres and even millimetres! The group has really enjoyed looking around their environment and even measuring their bodies! Also we have been looking at making amounts of money and investigating the smallest group of coins we could use to make the amount. Lastly we have been working on answering word problems and strategies to help with this.


In English we have been researching planets, stars and the moon. The children have produced some great fictional stories about travelling to the moon, using paragraphs and interesting language. We have also been using our research to help write facts sheets about the planets, the sun and the moon.


Beech class have been continuing this topic into History and Science. We have been learning all about the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, and the children have been fascinated by him and his journey. In Science our topic was Materials so the children have been investigating which material is the best for blocking out the sunlight, to protect astronauts. Here are some pictures of the children testing their predictions:

We were lucky enough to have a talk with Paul Hays on Internet Safety and we learnt some important ‘Top Tips’ to help us all keep safe whilst using the internet or on computers.